Independence of the Police Force

What’s at Stake

In order to function efficiently, there must be autonomy of command and independence of operations within the police force. It must be able to have control over its affairs especially insofar as postings and transfers are concerned (but certainly not limited to that) and outside interference must be discouraged. The Sindh police force has long been a victim of politicization, due in part to the lack of implementation and repeal of the Police Order, 2002. Postings and transfers are routinely interfered with by the Provincial Government thereby compromising the effective functioning of the police force.

Current Status

PILAP, along with concerned citizens, has filed a Writ Petition before the Sindh High Court against Federal Government through the Cabinet Division, the Ministries of Law and Interior as well as the Sindh Provincial Government and the Sindh Home Department, amongst others asking for the repeal of the Police Order, 2002 to be declared illegal, amongst other reliefs.

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