Gadani Ship Breaking

What’s at Stake A ship containing toxic chemicals, including mercury sludge was allowed to beach at the Gadani Ship Breaking Yard. The chemicals, once released,

Clean Water

What’s at Stake A recent report of the Pakistan Medical Association states that nearly two-thirds of the country’s population is deprived of clean potable water.

Use of Plastic Bags

What’s at Stake A Notification dated 27th September, 2019 issued by the Government of Sindh, Environment Climate Change and Coastal Development Department imposed a complete

Poaching of Wild Animals

What’s at Stake Poaching of wild animals remains a concern in the mountain regions of Pakistan. District Chitral is home to snow leopards, chakor and

Petroleum Standards

What’s at Stake Petroleum products currently being sold in Pakistan are wreaking havoc on human health and the environment. The Euro Standard of petroleum products

River Ravi Water Pollution

What’s at Stake River Ravi is the main source of water for Lahore and adjoining areas. The discharge of untreated municipal and industrial waste into