• To speed up the pace of social and economic reforms.
  • To seek access to justice for the underprivileged.
  • To ensure that the state provides its citizens with basic fundamental rights, such as clean drinking water and air, basic education, health care, and infrastructure (roads and sewerage, etc.) facilities.
  • To improve government accountability and transparency.
  • To work towards the protection and sustenance of democratic governance and the Rule of Law.
  • To promote, support, undertake and pursue public interest litigation in Pakistan
  • To educate civil society and the masses of their rights and the role that society should play in protecting these rights.
  • To educate and lobby with the establishment including the executive and the legislature to improve legislations to provide justice, fair opportunities and basic fundamental rights to the masses.
  • To decide on public interest litigation by identifying issues, locating suitable petitioners, collecting reliable data and conducting solid research, identifying relevant local laws, researching international precedents, identifying the appropriate forum, and assessing the cost of filing.
  • To provide effective judicial protection to weaker sections of society.
  • To persuade the Government to ensure inexpensive and expeditious justice to the masses, as required under Article 37(d) of the Constitution.
  • To advance fundamental rights such as freedom of association and speech including the right to access to information and records of government organizations.
  • To protect the human, public and fundamental rights of citizens.
  • To ensure that the state levies taxes on all who have the capacity to pay in a just, fair, and equitable manner.
  • To ensure that the state uses taxpayers’ money in the best interests of the masses.
  • To follow-up and monitor to ensure that the judgments of the Court in PIL cases are properly executed at all levels.