Gadani Ship Breaking

What’s at Stake

A ship containing toxic chemicals, including mercury sludge was allowed to beach at the Gadani Ship Breaking Yard. The chemicals, once released, will be dangerous to marine life as well as the entire human population that relies upon the Arabian Sea. Most of all, it will be harmful to the workers at the shipbreaking yard who will be obliged to work on and around the ship. The ship was allowed to beach despite warnings issued to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) by Interpol against receiving the ship as there were fears that the ship would be illegally disposing off 1500 tonnes of mercury contaminated oil sludge into the Arabian Sea. The same ship was not allowed to beach and was returned from India and Bangladesh for this reason. Warnings were also issued by international NGOs that study issues relating to international ship-breaking.

Current Status

PILAP has written RTIs to the FIA, Ministry of Maritime Affairs, the Maritime Security Agency as well as the Federal Environment Agency asking pointed questions regarding why a ship containing such toxic chemicals was allowed to beach even after warnings were issued by several parties; and action taken against responsible parties; the findings of a Joint Investigation Committee formed to investigate the material onboard the ship; measures taken to dispose of the toxic sludge and to ensure that workers at the yard are not exposed to the harmful chemicals.

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