The New PILAP Structure

In 2021, PILAP has been reorganized to make the organisation more transparent, responsive, democratic, and participative and to create real ownership of the civic issues that PILAP champions by citizens themselves.

The organizational structure has been modified to make this possible through the introduction of a Citizens’ Assembly that will compromise of patriotic, caring and conscientious citizens who will take on the crucial task of sustaining and driving the organisation’s legislative and advocacy agenda forward.

The Citizens’ Assembly shall comprise of fee-paying members of PILAP who will have the right to bring and champion issues for the organisation to take up. These issues shall be voted upon once a year and be a part of PILAP’s Legislative and Advocacy Agenda. The Citizens’ Assembly shall also be the General Body of PILAP and shall elect a Governing Board which will exercise strategic leadership and oversight for the duration of the term. The Governing Board will appoint an Executive Committee to look after the day to day affairs of the organisation. The Executive Committee will be headed by a Chief Executive who shall be responsible to the Governing Board. An Advisory Board may also be set up to advise the Governing Board and the Executive Committee regarding legal and strategic matters and serve as a sounding board of elders for the organisation.

PILAP’s Citizens’ Assembly (CA) meets, in person or virtually, once a year—a day following the Annual General Meeting (AGM)—to recommend, discuss and debate the following year’s legislative and advocacy agenda. Members of the Citizens’ Assembly may nominate issues that could be taken up by PILAP. An issue that receives at least 5 votes is put up for a detailed presentation and discussion by the proposing member(s). Once all issues have been discussed they are voted upon again and the issues receiving the most support are selected for next year’s legislative agenda. This provides a transparent and democratic mechanism for PILAP’s CA Members to champion issues that they are most passionate about while enabling PILAP to pick issues with the widest possible support and greatest possible impact. The Governing Board shall meet quarterly with the Executive Committee to review progress or take up any pending issues that may arise in the interim. CA Members who are interested may participate in these quarterly meetings.