Citizenship Rights Education

The Citizenship Rights Education project has been developed by PILAP in collaboration with the Teachers’ Resource Centre. While the Constitution of Pakistan contains an extensive list of fundamental rights and duties, and Pakistan is signatory to various international human rights instruments, a majority of the population remains pitifully unaware of its rights and obligations.

PILAP’s Citizens’ Rights Education project aims to teach students about their rights so as to create responsible citizens. One of the root causes of systemic intolerance, discrimination and even violence stems from citizens being uninformed of their own rights and hence their duties and the rights of others. It is hoped that once the young people of our country become aware of their own rights they will understand their correlating duties to respect and uphold the rights of others and thereby contribute towards building a country that values all individuals.

To accomplish this, a teacher’s curriculum has also been developed for classes 1-10 teachers, which will enable students to learn about citizenship. The trained teachers will impart learned curriculum in day-to-day coaching of the students without adding any burden on students of textbook or homework. In designing the curriculum, we divided the topics into 4 themes and the activities were designed accordingly. The 4 themes chosen were Ethics, Environment, Country and Digital Citizenship. Based on these themes 12 activities for each level, from Class 1 to 10 were designed.

The main purpose of the Project is to work with schools and teachers in various ways to bring the perspectives of Citizenship Rights Education to the forefront. It will impart training to teachers who will further incorporate these teachings into their day-to-day education of students without adding the burden of extra textbooks and school work.  The organisation hopes to play a role in changing the country for the better.

Find below excerpts from the 3 Teacher Aid booklets that we have prepared:

Latest Update

Published syllabus from Class 1 to 10 on Citizens Right Education, and advised on National Curriculum 2023

PILAP has been contacted by Dr. Mariam Chughtai from the National Curriculum Council for review of the Pakistan Studies Curriculum for grade 9-12. Upon review it was discovered that the review would be more informed if more stakeholders were included there. Summaiya Zaidi contacted a fellow lawyer Nida Chaudhry and Greenstar to provide feedback, the former for the theme of Constitution of Pakistan and the latter for the theme on Population. Summaiya reviewed these sections including those related to Citizenship and Pakistan’s history because of her PhD in legal history of South Asia.