River Ravi Pollution – Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan and others v. Government of Punjab and others

The Ravi River is the main source of water for the city of Lahore and adjoining areas. It nourishes significant tracts of agricultural land in the “bread basket” of the country as well as the population that relies upon it. And yet, despite its importance, the River is the recipient of massive quantities of untreated municipal and industrial waste. Given the public importance of the matter, PILAP along with the Pakistan Environmental Law Association and the Lahore Conservation Society have filed a Writ Petition against the Government of Punjab through the Irrigation and Power Department, the Water and Sanitation Agency and the Punjab Environment Protection Agency, against the discharge of untreated municipal and industrial waste into the Ravi River. The Writ Petition has been filed before the Lahore High Court. The High Court has ordered the formation of a Commission to propose remedial measures against the discharge and resulting pollution. The Commission has presented bio-remediation as a remedy, however, this recommendation has yet to be implemented.