Nuclear Safety – Public Interest Law Association Pakistan and other v. Federation of Pakistan and others

The Karachi Nuclear Power Plant’s (KANUPP) Unit II was inaugurated by the Prime Minister in May 2021. The Unit is part of a three-unit complex situated in Karachi. While nuclear energy will enhance power generation in the country, the risks of accidents are enormous and wide-reaching. We only have to look at recent history and see how devastating the effects of Chernobyl and Fukushima have been. PILAP, along with a number of concerned citizens have filed a Constitutional Petition under Article 184 (3) of the Constitution against the Federal Government through the Cabinet Secretariat; the Government of Sindh; the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority; the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission; the National Command Authority; the National Disaster Management Authority; the Sindh Provincial Disaster Management; the District Disaster Management Authority and the Sindh Environment Protection Agency. We have prayed for, inter alia, a review of the siting decision of KANUPP II and III; preparation of design safety plans; preparation of detailed and realistic emergency preparedness and response plans in accordance with relevant regulations; adherence to nuclear safety and radiation protection regulations etc.